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About Us


C.I- Career Initiators is process driven, recruitment firm that assists organizations in achieving business objectives through understanding and effectively addressing the ”people” issues in their business. Our focus is desired outcomes and bottom line success.

C.I- Career Initiators is specialized in Head Hunting, Resourcing and Screening of candidates from & across Industries.

Recruitment Philosophy

Our Search Process is designed to attract exceptional talent in the shortest possible time frame If we all thought recruitment is just getting the right person at right time at right place and at right price, its time we rethink if it’s that simple. Recruitment is not just getting vacancy filled, in our opinion that is just halfway trough recruitment, because the problems start after that, they are

  •  Attrition False Commitments Discrepancy in perceived role and responsibility Increasing Market and opportunities Interpersonal issues with peers and superiors
  •  Work delegated not in tune with the professional interest

Hence our recruitment philosophy takes into account all these parameters while hunting a prospective employee for any employer. We at CI conduct an extensive screening process to ensure the current requirements and the future anticipated problem, are taken care of.

All candidates are evaluated according to your specific job requirements and the prospective candidate's potential & abilities. Reference checks are also done on all candidates and can be made available on request. We furthermore also do credit and background checks, should the position require personnel with a clean credit history.

In all our recruitment philosophy is a 360° approach to selling an employer to an employee and vice versa, Cautious enough not to undersell or oversell anyone and making the facts as it is available to each so that the relationship of theirs last longer.



Our Approach

Approach toward our Client is distinctive. Large amount of support teams, provide clients with the complete range of fully integrated recruitment solutions from each site. True client partnerships, an advanced internet development strategy and our focus on placing people are part of what makes us different.

Our Methodology

Recruitment can often be traumatic for employees. Surprisingly, they can be traumatic for employers as well. The employee is under pressure to perform. The employer is worried about the selection he has to make, the questions he has to ask, what if an unsuitable candidate is selected, a good candidate is rejected.

Here begins the job of the consultants, and CI not an exception too...

When companies are on the hiring spree, CI takes a look at what all can be done to choose the right candidate, and keep the ones not chosen, happy.


Database Management

CI powers its database through a wide network of knowledge professionals and IT resources. Plenty of curriculum vitae (resumes) filling in the inbox of OCS are processed for its references on requirement. Every resumes posted at OCS reinforce knowledge, experience and skills.



At a time when sweeping changes are transforming the global workplace, CI place unprecedented importance on evaluation of database to accomplish the requirements. In the process, although most profiles are unique, their impact on individual companies is strikingly specific. That makes it difficult for consultants to find resumes that match the unique requirements. This, have effected the process of evaluation of the database.


Skill Management

The specific skill set of an individual is analyzed through various tests such as aptitude, analytical reasoning, psychometric test etc, where in candidates are screened and chosed as the best at their skills and sent for the process of selection.



Selection also, by and large, is a process of justifiable thought, judgment, action and consequence. It would be therefore reasonable to assume, that in a consultancy which grants the interview schedule, the most important for an entry of success of the candidates. Sounds a lot like methodology as CI practice it.



Our Aim is to ensure we match you with your ideal job every time. With an ethos that focuses on the need and aspirations of each individual candidates rather than simply “filling jobs” we make sure we understand what you want first before discussing any relevant career options.

If our client’ are looking for full time, part time, permanent or temporary opportunities, our specialist consultants are on hand to guide you through the options to match you with your ideal job.


We have catered to various clients that are happy and satisfied with our services